Frequently Asked Questions

Information Technology for New Students

Where is the IT Helpdesk located?  What hours is it open?
The IT Helpdesk is located in 221 St. Edmunds.  Walk-in service is available between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and from 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Friday during the academic year.  Holiday hours are posted on the College Portal (  We are not normally open on the weekends except at the beginning of a new semester.  If you can’t make it in person, or if your problem occurs after hours, you can send an email to with details of your question, or give us a call and leave a message, and one of the Helpdesk staff will get back to you.  The Helpdesk phone number is 802 654-2020.

What if I forget my Mikenet password?  Can I fix it myself?
No problem!  You can reset your Mikenet password to something new by using the “React” tool at in any web browser, or by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the student portal (  Click on “Go to Reset Tool”, then enter in your Mikenet username.  Your PIN number is the last 4 digits of your social security number.  If you don’t have a social security number, your PIN will be the month and day of your birthday (mmdd).  You’ll also need your 7-digit ID number, found on your Knightcard (just remove the initial “80” to get the 7 digits).  Create a new password, following the list of rules on the right hand side of the page, then click “Finish” to confirm your new pass.  Remember, by changing your Mikenet password, you have NOT changed your email password!

What if I forget my email password?
You should have received your email password as a part of your New Student mailing from the College.  If you forget the password, you’ll need to contact the IT Helpdesk to get it reset.

What’s the College Portal?  How do I get there?
The link to the portal is  You’ll log in with your Mikenet username and password.

"MySMC", is the starting point for your academic and social life on campus.  Your email is accessible here, plus any important alerts or announcements you need to see.  (Remember, your email password is different than your Mikenet password!)  You can see your email by expanding the line in the upper left that says "You have x Unread Messages".

From the Portal, you’ll access your course schedule, financial aid information, and final grades (Knightvision); your course materials (Canvas) and research databases (Library); and the Academic Calendar.  In your free time, read the College newspaper (the Defender) or sign up for news from organizations you’re interested in (mailing lists).  If you need a mental break to watch your favorite TV series, you can access the campus subscription to Xfinity TV.  MySMC has an Events calendar to keep you current, and a great place to list stuff you want to sell or buy, or even to find a ride home on the weekend (KnightsList).

Where should I look for official College information?
You are responsible for checking your campus email regularly, preferably at least once a day.  Any official information will come to your SMC account from “Office of…” .   You’ll also receive the “Daily Digest” each day in your email—this is a summary of important events for the next few days.

Is my course information online?
Can I see course content ahead of time?  You’ll find your Class Schedule under the KnightVision QuickLink in the College Portal, in WebAdvisor for Students.  Canvas is our Learning Management System.  If your instructor has published your course ahead of time, you will be able to see it by clicking on the Canvas link in the portal, then navigating to the specific course you want to look at.  If you don’t see the course you’re looking for, the course may not have been published yet, or your class enrollment is still pending.  

How do I get email on my phone/tablet when I get to campus?

  • For an iOS device, go to Settings/WiFi.  Make sure your WiFi is turned on.  In the list of networks available, select SMC-Student.  Enter your Mikenet Username and Password, then click JOIN.  Select “TRUST”.  Verify that you are on the SMC-Student network.
  • For an Android device, go to Settings/WiFi, and select SMC-Student as your network.  Choose MSCHAPV as your Phase 2 authentication.  CA Certificate should remain “Unspecified”.  Click “Connect”.  Enter your Mikenet Username and Password.  Verify that you are now on the SMC-Student network.

Still need help?  Contact the IT Helpdesk!

How do I install a printer client on my computer so I can use the campus printers?
Printing is free for students, but in order to print, you first need to download a piece of client software.  If you are unable to do so, please contact the Helpdesk.

  • On a Windows PC, go to Windows Explorer and type \\ in the address bar.  Click “PCClient”, then go to “Win”, and run the file called “Client-local-install.exe”.  Go back to \\ and select “Black_and_White”.
  • To download the Mac client, first connect to the server by pressing Command and “K” at the same time.  In the server address bar, enter:  smb://
    Choose PCClient and press OK.  In the next menu, open the Mac folder.  Copy the Kyocera driver to your desktop and run the  Then add the printer by going to System Preferences/Printers and Scanners.  Click the + sign in the lower left corner to add a new printer.  Make sure everything matches the following screenshot, then press “Add”.

    printer setup

    The final step is to make the application starts when you log in.  Go to System Preferences/Users and Groups.  Make sure your name is selected, and go to the “Login Items” tab.  Click the + sign.
    Now navigate to your Applications folder and find the PCClient icon.  Double click it to add it to your “Login Items”.

How do I print from a network printer?
Once you’ve set up the client on your computer and requested a specific print job, all you need to do is swipe your Knightcard at any campus printer.   Alternatively, if you don’t have your Knightcard handy, you can login manually with your Mikenet username and password.   On the large printers, your job will show up and you’ll need to select “Print All” or “Print Job” (if you have multiple requests).  The smaller printers will just print without requiring any confirmation on your part.  The default setting is double-sided printing.  Color printing is only available for students enrolled in specific courses.

Will I need a computer for my classes?
It depends.  Some classes use computers heavily, others not at all.  Check out the syllabus first, and if you happen to forget to bring your laptop and you need one, you can take out a short-term (4-6 hours) loan of a Windows laptop from the Language Learning Resource Center, located in St. Edmunds 215.  You’ll need your Knightcard to borrow one of these machines.

Can I purchase a computer through Saint Michaels College?
Yes!  We have a student laptop purchase program.  This program includes both Macs and PCs, as well as coverage for your machine, repair services, and Accidental Damage Protection, deals you can’t get through your local computer store.  For more information, see

How do I get my gaming devices onto the wireless network when I get to campus?
In your Devices/Network Settings, choose SMC-Legacy and enter the password SMCGaming (case-sensitive).  This will hook your device up to the wireless network.

Is there a place to rent movies or borrow equipment on campus?
The Language Learning Resource Center has a collection of mobile devices, cameras, and circulating DVDs that you are welcome to borrow with your KnightCard.  The library also has a large collection of movies to borrow.



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