Information Technology

Teaching and Learning

Support for teaching and learning is a high priority for the Information Technology Department. Our goal is to help the campus community become confident and productive in their use of the technology so widely available in our learning spaces.

International students working in labOur services in this area include hardware and software troubleshooting and support for College-owned computers and media equipment, whether in the classroom, the lab, or a faculty member’s office. Our workshops include many topics designed to help faculty use technology to create an engaging, interactive classroom environment. Our labs include both general and specialized software and hardware, including access to course applications and multimedia applications. We update and replace classroom media equipment on a regular cycle to incorporate new technologies shaped to individual teaching and learning styles, and provide support for classroom equipment on a daily basis. We deliver widely-used classroom tools to the entire campus, such as a Canvas and Tegrity, and support the use of those tools by both faculty and students.

TWTW Instructional technology staff keep an eye on emerging technology in the academic arena and often implement pilot programs in partnership with faculty who want to move their classroom engagement to the next level. Our Faculty Development Lab and summer technology workshop are training grounds where faculty can experiment, collaborate, and interact with instructional staff and each other as they learn new skills and develop their curriculum.

Our large and diverse group of IT student assistants helps keep our thinking current in the area of technology. Whether working side by side to teach an instructor how to use a Smartboard, researching open source materials for a specific discipline, or learning to reset a password at the Helpdesk, our students are among our best and brightest resources.

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