Project Timing

Below is a general outline of the project phases, timing, and status.

Organizational (Spring - Summer 2017): selection of a committee, research into potential vendor/partners, and final selection of firm. Status: COMPLETE

This phase of the project was completed after receiving proposals from five higher education branding firms. Final selection of a firm was made after on-campus interviews with two finalists. Ologie was selected in August and the project launched.

Discovery (Fall 2017): qualitative and quantitative research of the College’s important constituents. Status: UNDER WAY

Two days of campus group discussion sessions were held in early October. A team from Ologie met with the Branding Committee, College leadership, faculty, staff and student groups to explore important attributes of the College's brand. Research of peer institutions and a survey of external and internal constituents is being conducted in November and December. This phase will culminate with a presentation of findings to the Branding Committee in late December, and be shared broadly with the College community in early January. 

Strategy Development (Winter 2017/2018): distillation of research into a strategy for positioning. 

Project refinement and hold for on-boarding of new President

Creative Development (Fall/Winter 2018): concept development and selection. 

Brand Launch (Winter 2019): Final creative and messaging platform presented to the College community.

Implementation (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 2019): redevelopment of all marketing collateral, starting with the most significant communications pieces.

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