Campus buildings have a huge footprint on the environment. This is why the college carefully plans out new construction projects and looks to retrofit existing, old buildings to the best of their ability. While Saint Mike’s does not have a policy that requires all new buildings be certified as LEED, all new construction since 2011 has followed LEED principles and are held to high environmental building standards with a focus on energy performance.

The college does have one building officially certified as LEED Silver: the Pomerleau Alumni Center (see story), 6,500-square-foot multi-use building that provides meeting and conference spaces as well as offices for Career Services and Alumni Relations.

The Dion Family Student Center and Quad Commons Residential Hall, completed in August 2013, was modeled to perform at rate 55% better than current, energy-code compliant buildings, and at a better efficiency than a LEED certified building. Green features of this 86,00 square foot building include:

  • Energy software continuously monitoring for most efficient use of energy supply
  • Heating and cooling through geothermal heat pump system, which is "as close to free cooling as you can get."
  • Roof insulation 50% greater than code requirements
  • High performance triple pane windows for highest comfort and energy efficiency
  • Lighting: 60% high-efficiency fluorescent; 40% LED (light emitting diode) lights which can reduce energy use by up to 30%
  • Daylight dimming technology throughout, balancing interior lighting with natural daylight
  • Occupancy sensors to turn off lights when spaces are unoccupied

The college’s most recent construction project, Res Hall IV, was completed in August 2016. The thermal envelope (insulation) of the building was designed to be tight and efficient. The building is heated and cooled through a geothermal heat pump system and building lighting is a mix of high-efficiency lighting and LED lights.


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