Our Philosophy

The college years are a time of transition and growth for students. The process of moving into and adjusting to young adulthood is both exciting and demanding. The personal counselors at Saint Michael's are here to assist students in their development, which will hopefully lead them through a successful college experience.

Saint Michael's counselors are respectful of the diversity of our student population and work with the uniqueness of each person, especially in relation to gender, race, creed, physical ability, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, ethnic and family background and socioeconomic status.

The counselors' work includes:

  • active, non-judgmental listening
  • clarification of presenting problems or concerns
  • emotional and psychological support
  • challenging harmful and self-defeating behaviors
  • encouraging cognitive understanding
  • providing information and guidance
  • working on a healthy resolution of the situation

We are committed to assisting students in the areas of life that are important to them, including:

  • developing self-esteem, self-confidence and identity
  • forming healthy, mutually enhancing relationships with others
  • learning to make responsible decisions in their lives
  • learning how to be successful students
  • integrating past influences with their present development & identities
  • developing mature and adult relationships with parents and family
  • learning about and respecting the differences in others
  • making important decisions about their life beyond Saint Michael’s

We are committed to assisting students when they experience both developmental and situational life struggles and crises, such as:

  • strained relationships with family or friends
  • problems with academic effectiveness in relation to skill development
  • feelings of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, confusion
  • feelings of frustration, anger, rage
  • feelings about suicide, self-harm, harm to others
  • problems or questions about sexuality issues
  • problems or questions about sexual identity issues
  • problems or questions about sexual abuse, assault, harassment
  • problems or questions about eating disorders, body image
  • grief and loss issues from the present or past
  • mental health disorders
  • problems or questions about alcohol or other drugs

We are committed to being a resource for our students and colleagues at Saint Michael's. Please contact us with any concerns or questions you have related to our work.

Kathleen Butts, MA, LCMHC, LADC, Director 

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