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Given our current landscape, we have decided to conduct the remainder of Oracle trainings, aside from Facilities staff, via Zoom. We have also decided to cancel tomorrow’s Oracle trainings (Tuesday, March 17th, 2020) aside from the Facilities specific trainings.

Please check below for the most up-to-date schedule. This website will also contain each of the session specific Zoom links for this week’s trainings. We will re-evaluate next week and will update the schedule accordingly.

As such, drop in sessions will now be remote. Please refer below to a list of trainers you can reach out to via email for support. You can also email Please note that there are Reference Guides and video tutorials on each of the modules on the GMHEC Knowledge Base page.

Denise Brault – ESS, Time & Labor, Absence

Kim Boyarsky – Manager Self Service

Jennie Clarke – ESS, Time & Labor, Absence

Emilie Marcotte – ESS, Time & Labor, Absence, Manager Self Service

Stefanie Moore – ESS, Time & Labor, Absence, Manager Self Service

We are excited to share that the Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) project will be going live March 15!  There are a number of parts that are key to a successful rollout, and one key is you!  In order to ensure accuracy of your paycheck, we ask that you read the information below as well as other communications that will be on the portal and/or emailed to you in the coming weeks. Thank you in advance for helping us roll this out successfully.

What is HCM?

HCM is the software system that runs HR and how we will all get paid.  HCM is a cloud based system where you will enter your hours worked, enter PTO, change your direct deposit, update your W-4 information, change your address, review paycheck details, view your W-2, and more.

What are key dates for you?

February 22 – March 14: Employees will continue to use Colleague, a.k.a KnightVision, to enter hours worked and PTO. 

February 26 – March 15:  The current system will be “frozen”.  No changes will be made to an employee record in Colleague.  We are calling this a “brownout period”.  This means that as a supervisor and employee you cannot make changes to information like: your address; wages; adding a new employee; etc.

March 3 – March 30: Training required for all employees. Attendance is required to ensure timely payment of wages.  More information on the training will be forthcoming later this week.

March 15: System goes live for HR.

Note:  It is best practice with major systems conversions to run both the existing system (Colleague) parallel with the new system (Oracle HCM) for a period of time.  The key dates below provide instructions for the dual entry process for the payroll periods beginning March 15 and March 29.

March 15 AND March 29  For the payroll periods beginning on March 15 and March 29 dual entry of hours worked and/or PTO in current system (Colleague) and Oracle HCM for all employees will be required.

March 26 AND April 9: For all staff employees and student employees work hours and PTO are due by 10:00 a.m.  In some cases this will require the entry of expected hours for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Supervisor approval of hours must be done by 2:00 p.m.  Payroll will verify that all dual entries were input. Because it could affect your pay, please make sure you adhere to the request of dual entry.

April 3: First paycheck using Oracle HCM.

How does HCM affect me as a staff member, faculty member, or student employee?

Staff: HCM is where you enter hours worked (hourly paid staff), PTO, change your address, update tax information, change/add direct deposits, etc. Hourly staff will need to input hours daily. All employees will input PTO in the payroll period they are off.

Faculty: HCM is where you will make changes of addresses, tax changes, direct deposits, taxes, view your paychecks, etc.

Students:  HCM is where you will enter hours to get paid.

Supervisors:  HCM is where you will approve hours for your staff and students. After the migration in March, supervisors will need to approve time by Monday mornings at 10:00 a.m. of each pay period to ensure staff and students are paid in that pay period.


Which Oracle HCM Training Sessions Do I Need to Attend?

I am a… Employee Self Service Absence and Time Student Employee Supervisor Manager Self Service
Hourly Employee
Salaried Staff
X (Absence Only)
Student Employee Supervisor (staff)
Student Employee Supervisor (faculty)
X (Time Entry for Student Employees)
Manager of Staff/Faculty
Student Employe Supervisor AND Manager of Staff/Faculty
Student Employee
X (Time Entry Only)

Click below for specific schedules:


Frequently Asked Questions

The process will be explained and taught through training sessions starting on March 3 through March 28.

Training for supervisors will begin in March also. It is imperative that any supervisors of students also attend the training. It is also imperative that you learn the new policies, processes, and procedures using HCM.

Yes, it will, but your pay is the same. Please make sure you attend training to learn how to read your paystub.

Training is important to ensuring that everyone is paid correctly and on time. If you cannot attend one of the training sessions, HR will be providing follow up information for how to learn the new system.

Please encourage your colleagues to read all HR communications emailed and on the portal,   attend the training, and to ask questions. We also ask for your patience as HR staff are also getting used to the new system.

HR recommends that you sign up for it. Direct deposit is easy to set up and the fastest way to get access your pay. GO GREEN with Direct Deposit. Forms are available on the portal.