SMC Connect

Why SMC Connect?

SMC Connect is an online networking and mentoring tool just for the Saint Michael’s College community. It brings alumni, students, staff, faculty and even parents together to mentor and network with one another for career advice.

An added benefit of the platform is that you do not need to ask to connect with someone first before you can start a chat or request a phone call. SMC Connect users are always there to be a resource for you on your career journey. It’s just one more way our Purple Knight community shows it cares.

When you sign up don’t forget to join one of the many Communities featured on the platform. We have nearly 30 Communities based on geography, industry or shared experiences. You can also post and reply to discussion topics relevant to your Community.

Whether you are seeking advice or willing to give it, SMC Connect makes it happen!

SMC Connect: How to get started

  • To sign up, click:
  • When registering use your LinkedIn login if you have an account. It will import all of your LinkedIn information.
  • When completing your profile you will have an opportunity to pick and choose your volunteer options. This is where you decide how you’d like to help students and fellow alumni and volunteer for your alma mater.
  • Once you have completed your profile click on the Communities page at the top. Join any of the Communities you’d like to be a part of. If you have an idea for a new Community you can request it through the platform.
  • Communities provide an opportunity to be an active participant by allowing you to post discussion topics related to your specific community. We ask that you keep it professional in nature.
  • For those seeking career advice from an alum you have two options for connecting: chats or phone call.
  • The chat feature is simple and direct and any chats you initiate will go into the receiver’s email in real time.
  • When you request a call you have the option of giving the other person three different times for the call to take place. You can also set the agenda so the other person knows what you plan to talk about.
  • For technical questions, click on the blue circle icon in the bottom right of your screen to talk to our customer support person at WISR.
  • If you are having trouble with your account or have general questions, email Angie Armour in the Alumni Engagement Office at 802.654.2527. Or email