SMC Connect

Skip the career fair line.

Studies show between 70-80 percent of job offers are the result of a referral. 

Introducing SMC Connect - our exciting new online community designed to bring Saint Michael's College students and alumni together like never before. 

Students can reach out to our vast network of alumni from all over the world to ask career-related questions and seek advice. They can schedule a call with an alum or send an introductory message through the chat feature.

No personal information is ever exchanged and all communication is sent in real-time to the recipient's preferred email. 

If you are a student looking for information about a company, an industry, or seeking an internship or a job opportunity and don't know where to start - SMC Connect is there to help. 

If you are an alum looking to build your network, change careers, or help a fellow Purple Knight - SMC Connect is the tool for you. 

Bringing the St. Mike's family together - SMC Connect is making it happen everyday. 

Join us!