St. Mike's Annual Children's Learn-to-Swim Program

The Learn-to-Swim program is open to children of alumni and children of permanent full-time college faculty and staff.

This six-week program is structured to improve the swimming skills of children to make them safe in and around the water. Classes meet one night per week, either on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

First Class: Children will gather on the pool deck and be assigned to their instructor. Your child will then be skill-tested to ensure he or she is matched with the appropriate level. Adjustments may be made throughout the program to ensure your child remains at an appropriate level.

Lockers are available for use during lessons (you must provide your own lock). Children should not leave valuables in unlocked lockers while they are in the pool. Saint Michael’s College is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Certificates of completion will be given out at the end of the program. Students who have accomplished the steps in their current level will also receive an American Red Cross Certification Card.

Enrollment is limited to 50 children per class.
Age restriction: 4* to 15 years old.
*Child must be 4 years old at time of registration—please enclose copy of birth certificate.

Cost: $65 per child

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Tuesday     Thursday
March 8     March 10
March 15   March 17
March 29   March 31
April 5        April 7
April 12      April 14
April 19      April 21

Class times are as follows:
6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. - Ages 4 - 6
6:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. - Ages 7- 15

You will be notified of any make-up dates if classes have to be cancelled due to weather.


Level 1 (Water Explorations) - Skills taught will include: enter and exit water independently, full face submerge for three seconds, blow bubbles, float (front & back) with support., and kicking (front & back) with support. (Limited space available.)

Level II (Primary Skills) - Skills taught will include: hold breath & fully submerge head for three seconds, float or glide on back & front (unsupported) for five seconds, and perform combined (kick & arms) stroke front and back for five yards.

Level III (Stroke Readiness) - Purpose is to increase swimming skill competency. Skills taught will include: retrieve an object from bottom in chest-deep water, perform 15 bobs in chest-deep water, do back crawl for 10 yards, do elementary backstroke kick for 10 yards and tread water.

Level IV (Stroke Development)
- Purpose is to develop confidence and competency in strokes & safety skills beyond preceding levels. Skills taught will include: front crawl for 25 yards with rotary breathing, back crawl for 25 yards, elementary backstroke for 10 yards, scissor kick for 10 yards, sculling on back for five yards or for 15 seconds, and breaststroke kick for 10 yards.

Level V (Stroke Refinement) - Purpose is coordination and
refinement of key strokes. Students are introduced to the butterfly and open turns, feet-first surface dive and springboard diving.

Level VI (Skill Proficiency) - Purpose is to polish strokes so students swim with ease, efficiency and power over greater distances. Endurance is developed. More turns and surface dives are introduced.

If you have questions, please call or email one of the swim captains:
Theresa Barsanti:     (408) 621-1501     or
Ryan Butler:         (781) 507-3639     or
Zoe Doucette:         (508) 494-9802     or
Chad Phalon:        (973) 222-2228     or
Cym Rogers:        (978) 325-0104        or

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