Alumni Profile

Jaime Andrews '02

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

What I loved about Saint Mike's most was the feeling of community, not just with friends I made, but with the staff and faculty too. People really care about the college and the other people they meet there.

At St. Mike's and through my career I was involved in lots of things that involved working with and helping people. That's what led me in the direction I'm in now. I'm a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and I run boot-camp style classes in a small studio here in D.C. I learn something new every day.

After graduation I stayed in Burlington and worked as a legal secretary while considering law school. Eventually I followed a relationship and family ties here to D.C where I worked for Ritz-Carlton Hotel in guest relations, eventually running their health club, which led me in this direction. I already loved sports and running, so it felt like a natural fit.

My most influential professor was the late English professor John Engels. One of our first assignments was to write an autobiography, which was extremely therapeutic. That college "beginning" was life-changing for me. I've liked poetry and literature since.

My advice to current students is to do internships! You’re between 18 and 21 and you're being told to decide what to do for the rest of your life -- that’s a lot of pressure. Get involved in what you may want to do, because then you have time to go back and ask the questions, take the classes, utilize the resources a little more. By interning and volunteering you can get involved with what you think you want your career to be.

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