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I didn't know it when I chose Anthropology as my major at St. Mikes, but studying about culture would have profound impact on the path that I would take in my life. The professors opened my eyes to a myriad of cultures and beautiful ways of interpreting the world around us and also challenged us to reflect on the way we live. Through my studies I gained a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, which helped me choose to teach elementary and junior high school in rural Japan for 5 years. I think that my experience in Japan was richer for having studied Anthropology. My appreciation for differences in culture made me flexible and helped me to make deep and meaningful connections there.

Now, after lots of traveling and teaching around the globe, I have come back to the States to teach elementary school in San Francisco. My foundation in Anthropology continues to serve me in my classes by helping me to be a more thoughtful, analytical, and reflective teacher.

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