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Sergio Castillo '88

Manager, Position Evaluation Team, Panama Canal Authority
The SMC experience reinforced my values and my Catholic faith in all matters of life. The knowledge acquired in the classroom on business policy, finance, marketing, and economics gave me a rounded background in different topics that helped me to evaluate different scenarios at my job in the Panama Canal.  Also, my studies in philosophy, literature, history, and Catholicism gave me a rounded preparation to become a cultured individual.
I am proud to have come back from the U.S.A. and applied knowledge and experience to my job assignments for the benefit of my country. I appreciate the opportunity that SMC gave me to experience a first-class liberal arts education, along with the experience of interacting and learning about different cultures around the world.
SMC provides a multicultural experience that is not easy to find in other colleges in the U.S.A. You get to learn the real American culture along with other cultures around the world present at SMC represented by students coming from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, among others. It is a professional experience, and is multicultural, all under the light of the Catholic faith.

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