Alumni Profile

Amy Connell '97

Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Bates College

What did you appreciate most about your Saint Michael's College experience?

There are so many things I loved-absolutely loved about my Saint Michael's College experience, but mostly it was the class sizes and time and attention paid to myself and classmates by professors. I never once felt like I was lost in a sea of students but rather my professors knew me and knew me well.

What are you doing now?

I am back in college, so to speak! I work at Bates College as the Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Regional Programs. Bates is a smaller school, like St. Mike's and I feel right at home.

How do you apply what you learned at Saint Michael's College to your professional life?

St. Mike's taught me a million things, but mostly to work hard, stay focused, remain balanced, go with your gut, and never give up. Also, give back and as a proud Saint Michael's College alumna, I do.

What did you like about Saint Michael's location? Have you returned to campus?

If I weren't living in Maine, I would definitely live in The Green Mountain State! I love everything about Burlington and beyond. I recently returned to campus and was blown away by all the changes! Great job, guys!

Who was your most memorable professor, or what was your favorite class?

Hands down, Amy Werbel! Every single art history class I took was intelligent, interesting, and fun. As a result, I ended up changing my minor to Art History. Amy truly inspired me and upon graduation, I moved back to NY and began my nearly 9 year career in the arts (Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and The New Art Center, Newton, MA). I was also inspired to do some post-bac work and graduated the Museum Studies program at Tufts University.

What advice would you give new Saint Michael's students?

Take full advantage of the liberal studies education. It teaches you to be a unique and different-minded thinker. This will serve you as a student as well as a professional.

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