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Christine De Michele '05

Vocalist, Music Educator & Published Interdisciplinary Artist

I maintain a weekly teaching practice through my brand Little Sparrows Music Discovery, and work with 92Y as a program designer and artist-in-residence.  I recently partnered with VRTCL Entertainment Producer/Engineer Terry Derkach, as a Voice Coach for a new studio program to be offered this year. I have worked with New York Philharmonic, The School at Columbia University, the Vocal Department of The Urban Assembly School for Performing Arts, Turtle Bay Music School, The Sarah Anderson School, and Solomon Schechter of Greater Boston. I spent three years as a full-time Performing Songwriter-Voice Teacher at the start of my music career and I am represented as a (SESAC) artist-composer by independent music-publishing house, Black Cloud Productions. I received an M.A. in Music & Music Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in February 2013. My work can be found on my website

I entered Saint Michael's College as an English Major, and was fortunate that, unlike a conservatory, I was encouraged by the Music Faculty to pursue a multi-disciplinary specialization. As a double major, I developed as a musician and a writer which eventually equated to becoming a singer-songwriter. My professors were supportive, open and highly approachable.  In class and outside, spaces were carved for deep thinking; I studied philosophy and critical theory in addition to the fundamentals of great musicianship. I was taught to question, and I truly owe it to my professors and mentors, John Engels, Nathaniel Lew, Nathaniel Lewis, Jerome Monachino, Dan Marcy, Christina Root, Susan SummerfieldJohn Izzi and Elizabeth Inness-Brown for creating an environment where I solidified a foundation as a thinker. The way of learning at St. Mike's has greatly informed my approach as an artist, educator and the very nature of who I am today. 

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