Student Profile

Aubrey Deavitt '15

How did you end up at Saint Michael’s?

I actually joined the military after coming to Saint Michaels. I found Saint Michael’s during my college searches and when I was recruited to play field hockey the school seemed like a great fit.

How did your military background prepare you for college?

Since I had no military background I used my previous school and sports experiences to prepare for college. However, I believe that joining the military after a couple years of college helped because I was able to get over the excitement of being a college student.

What support system for veterans is in place at Saint Michael's?

The SVA seems like a great support system. From my personal experience the SVA gave me the opportunity to talk with other veterans and talk about similar or different things that we have been having trouble with. When I was having a stressful day, I could count on the other veterans to be there.

What's been your experience with St. Mike's faculty and staff?

For the most part I have had a very good experience with the faculty and staff. I have had very few issues. In fact, the most trouble that I have had was actually dealing with the military benefits. There seems to be a lot of different steps but recently it has been getting a little better.

What's an example of special challenges veterans might face in class?

Difference of opinions or standing out because their age. For me, I don’t have a huge age difference. But sometimes with how I see topics has shifted after coming back from basic training.

Have you done any extra-curricular student activities?

Field Hockey, SVA. I was part of the team for 2 1/2 years and I have been part of the SVA for a semester. 

What is it about Saint Michael’s that might interest other veterans?

The classes and faculty are very solid. For the most part all my teachers have been very respectful and understanding if I have any conflicts with my drill weekends or need extensions. The location of the school also seems to be relaxed where it is possible to find things to do outside of school or you can just relax and enjoy all the different seasons Vermont has to offer. I think college can be what you make of it and I think Vermont and Saint Michael’s allow people to branch out and try new things. Plus if veterans need somewhere quiet or need a new perspective on life after their military career I think Saint Michael’s is a great place to start.

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