Alumni Profile

Mallory Dionne '09

  • Rho Chi Society
  • Graduated Cum Laude from MCPHS
  • President of National Community Pharmacist's Association MCPHS Worcester Chapter

How did you end up where you are today?

Going in to college, I actually thought of my major as "anything but biology;" I hated biology in high school! My first summer at home, though, I got a job as a intern at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. I spent most of my time thinking that I would have understood what was going on if only I had some experience in biology, leading me to finally declare my major. It turns out I liked biology! Especially when taught by the wonderful professors at Saint Michael's! In my junior year, I got a job at a pharmacy, and I realized it was a great job: you get to help people, teach them about their medications and their health, improve their lives, and use your brain, all while getting paid to chat all day with everyone in your community! After that, I applied to MCPHS, which is a pharmacy school created for people with previous degrees.

How has your experience at Saint Michael's set you apart from others?

My path to becoming a pharmacist was unusual: most people who become pharmacists go straight from high school into a six-year pharmacy program. My experiences at St. Mike's—the liberal arts classes I took, the time I spent learning what it truly meant to volunteer, the life-long friendships I made, the wisdom and encouragement I got from my professors—all of that made me a more mature person. My life was richer because of the diverse classes, the ease and availability of a more enriched faith life, the friends around me who discussed social issues, politics, and religion on a regular basis, and the close-knit community that is the core of St. Mike's. I can't even list all the good things! I just know that these experiences made me a more focused pharmacy student than I ever would have been after high school, and I feel confident that I am a better person today for my time spent at Saint Michael's.

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