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Danny participated in an initiative called "Hope Happens Here," on Wednesday February 3rd. This program focuses on the mental health of young people (including anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts) with the aim of removing the stigma associated with accessing counseling help and coaching young people on the signs of mental health issues so that they can be prepared to help family, friends or members of the community. 

Danny and his teammate developed a 45-minute presentation, which they delivered to the entire student body of Enosburg Falls High School (about 350 students), faculty and staff. They did an outstanding job with the presentation and offered genuine support and insightful advice, which clearly made a huge impact on the students. There is a real need for this timely topic, and their presentation style really connects with young people. 
‪This represents a real world learning experience, which not only helped hundreds of other students, but also represented Saint Michael's College in excellent fashion.

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