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Craig Duffy '06

Senior Manager, Clinical Supply Chain at Blueprint Medicines

How did Saint Michael's, and specifically your major, help you get where you are today?

I find myself as a bit of an oddity having been a Spanish major and now working in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry; it’s not a natural or obvious career path! I am currently working at Blueprint Medicines in Cambridge, MA, where I help support our global clinical trials by navigating the complex world of imports, exports, and forecasting models to ensure that patients enrolled in our clinical trials always have a continuous supply of a study drug. I work with people around the world on a daily basis, so I still benefit greatly from my major in Spanish, as it left me with a heightened sensitivity and understanding when working with people of different cultures and backgrounds. The education I received at Saint Michael’s was truly superb and proof that a Liberal Arts curriculum will prepare you for anything, regardless of what your major or minor is! 

What specifically about Saint Michael's helped you to find success in the real world?

I left Saint Michael's with excellent writing, public speaking and critical thinking skills and an overall holistic view of the world in which we live. Saint Michael's truly inspires its students to think about the bigger picture, something which is increasingly important in today's global economy. 

Of which of your achievements are you most proud?

I was always on the shy, quiet side growing up. I had the opportunity to spend my full Junior year abroad in Spain and when I returned for my Senior year, I was exponentially more confident in myself, not to mention major improvements in my Spanish skills. I continued my education after Saint Michael’s College and earned an MBA while working full time, something I’m also proud of. 

What advice do you have for prospective students considering Saint Michael's?

Though Saint Michael’s is a smaller school, there are endless opportunities to get involved. Find a passion and pursue it!

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