Alumni Profile

Meg Flynn '12

Human Resources Department Assistant, Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington VT

I came into college knowing I wanted to go into Human Resources (HR) so I had internships in Massachusetts at Partner's HealthCare, where I was a general HR intern and at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, which was more recruiting-focused.

At Davis, I worked with other St. Mike's alumni who understand the skills I gained at the college. The owner's son, Pat Davis '08, was one of the people who told me about how great the company is.

I appreciate the opportunities I have had because of Saint Michael's: With the Student Association, I started as a senator and ended as senior class president. That gave me experience that I still apply at Davis today. Being a tour guide allowed me to meet and network with potential and prospective students and their families too. And the Career Development office provided specific job opportunities.

I didn't want to just be a business person, which is why I minored in sociology, which opened my mind and made me a more educated, generous, well-rounded person.

I took an experience-based management course junior year that was extremely hands-on. We all had to rely on each other to be sure we learned the material, and the students graded each other. It was one of the most influential classes I took in terms of preparing me for the real world.

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