Alumni Profile

Katherine Hackett '11

What do you enjoy most about working in admission?

Working in the Admission Department gives me the opportunity to share my love for Saint Michael's College each and every day. Working with this community and finding new families to experience the play I call home is the best job I can imagine.

Best tip for students coming for a campus visit?

Remember to balance the support of your family and friends with your personal opinions. They know you well and want the best for you, but YOU will be the one taking classes, meeting new people, and living in a new place. Be yourself, and ask the questions you want answered so you can figure out if St. Mike's is the place for you.

Best tip for students applying to Saint Michael's?

Keep an open dialogue. Even if you don't have specific questions, there is always someone who would love to chat with you about any topic of interest. Then you'll start to think of questions.

Best tip for a new student?

New students should know that they can get involved! You can always be doing more, going to more games, meeting more people, volunteering more, taking different classes, everything!

What were you involved in as a student at St. Mike's?

When I was a student, the MOVE office became my family. I support Saint Michael's now with an annual gift because want it to go to something small and specific: to send a first year student to Hartford, Connecticut, with MOVE each year.

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