Alumni Profile

Chris Hurley '11

Internal Wholesaler, MFS Investment Management

Before coming to Saint Michael’s College, Chris Hurley attended secondary school at Boston College high school in Massachusetts. As an active teenager, Hurley was on a couple of sports teams. His involvement, along with a busy commuter’s schedule, required Hurley to gain time-management skills early on. “After practice I would have to take the bus, then a train ride home. By the time I got home I didn’t have much time for anything other than school work. This helped early on to instill some type of work ethic where I had to make sure I was organized and did things sooner rather than later”.

When Hurley came to St. Mike’s, the all-star point guard for the Saint Michael’s men’s basketball team made an effort to make friendships and connections outside of the sport. “As a freshman I noticed that all the basketball guys would just hangout with the basketball guys. I went in with a buddy from my high school, which helped because he formed friendships with guys outside of hoops and I became friends with them…” Due to his willingness to branch out, Hurley was very active within different communities on campus throughout his four years.  He served as a POW (Pre-Orientation Weekend) Leader, Orientation Leader, and majored in business with a minor in finance and management.

“I always try to keep an open mind and I think St. Mike’s helped form that because of the way I was able to connect with people outside of sport teams.” In fact, that’s Hurley’s biggest piece of advice for incoming students; “Use the four years to get yourself involved, don’t be afraid to try new things… college is the time to really try things out and learn about yourself, and if you keep an open mind it can really make a difference”

After graduating from Saint Michael’s College in 2011, Hurley continued to be involved with the College. Currently living in Boston and working in Boston, Massachusetts as an Internal Wholesaler at MFS Investment Management, Hurley serves on the Boston committee, helping support the alumni group in the Boston area, and trying to make his way up to Burlington when he can and attend a basketball game or two every season. In fact, Hurley will be back on campus for his five-year reunion, coming up in 2016.

“I’m looking forward to next year. I would say being there for four years, the group of people in my grade seemed to really connect and crossed friendships or groups. Hopefully it will be a good turn out. I’m looking forward to seeing not only the guys I see pretty often, but also those who I haven’t seen in quite some time.”

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