Alumni Profile

J.P. Isabelle '05

Secretary of State's Office, State of Vermont

The best part about Saint Michael's is the community, without a doubt. I used to be a tour guide and I would tell people how special a place it is.  Having been away from campus for a few years now, I have really grown to appreciate just how special the community is at Saint Michael's.

New students should slow down, take it all in, and take advantage of their time on campus!  Four years goes by very quickly. There is not a day that goes by that I don't have a flashback to a memory from St. Mike's, whether it was from a class, a campus event, or just a song that reminds me of a roommate.

Vermont is my home and the place that I love the most, so I have decided to stay in Vermont to start a career. After graduating from Saint Michael's, I worked for a few years in Sen. Bernie Sanders' office before deciding to go to law school. I recently graduated from Vermont Law School and began working in the State of Vermont Secretary of State's Office after taking the bar. I'm excited to be living and working in a great state like Vermont.

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