Alumni Profile

Mike Jablonski '12

Marketing Associate, The Advisory Board

I hadn't considered the Washington, D.C., job market until talking to an alumna who lives there, Annie Sanner Rosello '94. She's on the Alumni Board, which I worked with as a Founders Society member. She connected me with a friend at The Advisory Board. I quickly learned that getting a job is all about the connections. People have to utilize the connections that our alumni network affords.

St. Mike's set me up pretty nicely for the working world. The liberal arts education taught me how to think in different ways, which is a nice complement to my business major, as were my involvement in the Student Association and Little Brother/Little Sister mentoring program. The best thing I learned was how to work with people from all different backgrounds.

I work one-on-one with a marketer in the Advisory Board's higher education segment. When I interviewed, they liked how involved I was on campus and thought I would be good match for the education team.

I loved my Philosophy of Society class with Patrick Standen. We had deep class discussions with students who thought in different ways. He'd show how you really have to be aware of your place in society and how everybody's day-to-day roles could make for a much better world. In one of the last weeks of class, another professor said, "You know this entire place by now … why you love it and what's important … so just go find and do the same in the working world."

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