Alumni Profile

Kara Laneuville Cleaver '91

Founder and CEO, Influency Group

What did you appreciate the most about Saint Michael's?

Well-rounded, liberal arts education.

What advice would you give new Saint Michael's students?

Try as many things as you can, even if you're not sure you will like them. Life sends many twists and turns your way, you're never sure what you might end up doing so having as many experiences and skills as possible in your tackle box is the best thing you can do for yourself. This also includes volunteering, trips to other countries, etc., as different people and cultures will definitely cross your path.

What else would you like students and alumni to know about you?

I'm always happy to talk with any of you and help in any way I can.

What year did you graduate?


Please tell us what motivates you to give.

I wish I could give to St. Michael's regularly. Life is up and down a lot as an entrepreneur and with other life commitments so I'm not always able to, but it's always at the top of my list. When I can't give money to organizations I strongly support, I try to give of my time. I know money is critical but sometimes time needs to make up for it for a while.

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