Alumni Profile

Gary Levante '09

Community Engagement Officer, Berkshire Bank

After graduating from Saint Michael’s College in 2009, Gary Levante began working in politics before receiving a call from a fellow alumnus working at the charitable foundation at Berkshire bank. Then in charge of the foundation, the alumnus was a man whom Levante had met at a new student send-off prior to his first year, and had stayed in touch with over the years.

Looking back on the conversation, Levante recalls that, “He said ‘hey I have an opening, I know you’re looking for something more permanent than the political world why don’t you send in an application and we’ll have you come in for an interview”?

Levante ultimately got the job.  

Currently working as a community engagement officer for Berkshire Bank in Pittsfield, MA, Levante is responsible for the strategic vision, execution and strategy of the corporate community. “I was a history major in college and now I work for a bank”. Chuckling at the perceived irony, Levante credits his ability to succeed in his profession to his liberal arts education.

“A liberal arts education makes you extremely important in this kind of environment where jobs are constantly changing and evolving. I would rather hire someone with a liberal arts education than a business education because I know they’re going to be well-rounded and will know how to find an answer.”

Of course, part of being well-rounded is participating in clubs and organizations outside of the classroom. During his years at Saint Michael’s, Levante was involved in MOVE, The Student Association and other extracurricular activities. “I never would have had that experience if I went to a big school, where that learning environment and those learning opportunities don’t exist.”

Levante also treasures the College’s community, and has from the day he first visited the campus. “St. Mike’s really is a community in every sense of the word. From classroom professors to roommates, to other mentors and staff at Saint Michael’s; it really feels like a big family.” Since graduation, Levante reports that he continues to feel like Saint Michael’s College is his home saying, “that community is something that is so special.”

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