Alumni Profile

Timothy Lovelette '75

What did you appreciate the most about Saint Michael's?

I now appreciate that the quality of the education and life experiences I enjoyed at Saint Michaels prepared me to take advantage of the many aspects and opportunities with which life presents us. 

What advice would you give new Saint Michael's students?

Stay active and be social while learning as much as you can during your short stay at Saint Michael's.

What year did you graduate?


Please tell us what motivates you to give.

I need to live my life knowing that I help others experience the extraordinary experience of life and learning at Saint Michaels.  After being there for so short a time and studying the history of the college, I've come to appreciate Saint Michael's as what I call a "miracle in the mountains", and I need to be a part of that, even if in a small way.

Anything else?

My original intention was to enter the Ph.D. program in philosophy at Marquette University in order to be in a position to teach at the college level. Being married, though, and finding that jobs were scarce, I turned to the business field. My family had a real estate business with a small insurance agency, so I decided to take a job with an insurance company to prepare myself to join the family business. After a few years I joined the family business and now own and operate our insurance agency.

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