Alumni Profile

Jason Maguire '08

Manager, Clambakes, Etc.

A lot of what I do is sales. If you call Clambakes Etc., you get my cheerful voice on the phone. My ability to speak with confidence inspires confidence in the company, and I credit my St. Mike's experience for that skill.

Part of my business comes through Saint Michael's connections and I have lots of alumni and faculty that I cater events for. It's a close community while you're there, and it doesn't end after you leave.

I had no idea what I was going to major in. That was one reason I chose Saint Michael's: I knew I could begin by sampling liberal arts courses. My interests just evolved from there.

Once I ended up as a history major, a lot of the classes were small roundtable discussions. They built up my confidence to speak in public and communicate in an intellectual forum. 

I've been working for this company for nine years, and managing it for six. When I graduated from college, the owner bought another fish market. He said to me, "I would appreciate if you'd stay on five years and I'll give you a certain percentage of profits in compensation." I'd seen this company grow from 20 clambakes on a busy summer to hundreds and it seemed like a good opportunity.

Whatever you do when you're out of college, if it makes you happy, keep doing it, no matter what other people think. I have really enjoyed my work it and could see it being a successful business down the road. It took some time, but now we’re doing very well: I bought my own home in Sandwich and I have time off in the winter! And I’m happy, that's for sure.

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