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Joseph Maher III '07

Assistant Director of Development, Boston College High School

I am the Assistant Director of Development for Boston College High School. I was formerly on the service team at Fidelity Charitable, the largest donor-advised fund in the country.

I was a business administration major and wanted to be in something business-related, but having come from Saint Michael's, I wanted to do something on the honorable side, so philanthropy appealed to me. My high school taught me to be a hard worker, and Saint Michael's taught me to translate that into something useful for myself and for others.

My liberal arts core classes gave me a well-rounded background, which is especially important with philanthropy, which encompasses a lot of arts and sciences, education and religion.

I was on the Swimming & Diving team. Activities beyond class are a big part of education at Saint Mike's. I learned a lot of patience, control and overall finesse because of my swim team coach, Jim Donoghue, both in the pool and outside of the pool.

My late father was a St. Mike's alumnus: Joseph James Maher Jr., Class of 1969. My younger sister Anne also graduated in 2009 and now works at McLean Hospital doing hospital social work and counseling. My dad was a lawyer - general counsel for an insurance firm - so clearly he took his Saint Michael's degree and made something of it. Now that's what I'm trying to do.

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