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Mike D. Knight

Mascot, Saint Michael's College

Not many know it, but Mike the Knight is a direct descendant of Saint Michael, the patron saint of the college. Like his courageous ancestor, Mike is the brave protector of his Saint Michael's College community. 

The college's motto, "Quis Ut Deus," or "Who is like God," is a literal translation of his given name and meant to inspire our efforts to be more like God in our daily lives- forgiving, generous, kind and honorable.

Mike is originally from Pontigny, France and came to Vermont in the late 1800s with the Edmundites to help found the college in 1904. He won't say precisely how old he is, both because he's modest and because he took a vow of silence early during knighthood and is a knight of his word. If you're wondering how he could live well over 100 years, know that he eats only good, organic Vermont produce, follows a strict exercise regimen, and also shares many lifestyle traits with the Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, who lived to be well over 900 years old!

Mike has lived all over campus, in a special, hidden room in Founders Hall during the college's early days and now in a similarly secret place in the Ross Sports Center (when he's not protecting the college from dragons and such, he does double duty as the college's mascot and is probably the biggest Purple Knight fan out there). He very much enjoys the occasional nap in the Dailey Room in the library, especially when it's sunny.

Mike's interests include collegiate athletics, vanquishing foes, biblical studies, cheerleading, archaeology, high-fives and spreading school spirit. He also likes to volunteering with MOVE and sitting in on classes in the Religious Studies department from time to time.

Mike doesn't typically publish his research, as he doesn't have the best penmanship and his chain mail makes typing fairly difficult.

But he is quite the scholar and fluent in French, English and Latin.

So, Mike, tell us a little bit about yourself!


That's great. So, how are things looking for the upcoming Purple Knights season?

[thumbs up]

You're pretty excited. Wonderful. Any big plans for the upcoming year?


Interviewer: Really? None at all?

[pulls out full athletic schedule, points to it, and high-fives interviewer]

Of course. You're excited to be at all the sporting events. Thanks for taking time to speak with us, Mike!

[thumbs up]

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