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Patrick Ormiston '04

Bassist and Pharmacy Compliance Specialist

I am a bassist living, working, and performing in and around New England. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music, my focus was on performing live with the band I worked to create as my senior project at SMC. The group took on the name Japhy Ryder and we travelled all over the East Coast performing our blend of rock, jazz, funk and world music influences. In early 2009, the band made the decision to stop touring on a regular schedule and settle into our lives in Burlington. Japhy Ryder continues to perform in and around Vermont, and has released 5 full length albums to date across multiple record labels.

Upon settling in Burlington, I took a job working for the local Hospital’s Outpatient Pharmacy. The beauty of my degree from Saint Michael's College is that my liberal arts background allows me to branch out from my chosen focus and extend skills, learned in and out of the music department, to many different aspects of my professional life. I currently work as a Pharmacy Compliance Specialist and perform with a band of hospital employees (McKenna Lee & the Microfixers) at medical conferences across the nation. The Microfixers have pledged our time and efforts to the Patient Safety Movement, which aims to achieve 0 preventable deaths by 2020.

Aside from continued activity with Japhy Ryder and the Microfixers, I have performed and/or recorded with Seny Daffe & Wontanara (West African pop/funk), Leon Tubbs (avant-jazz), Justin Levinson (singer/songwriter), Invisible Homes (Art-Rock), Zach DuPont (singer/songwriter), WEST (jazz trio), Willverine (electro/pop), Joe Adler (Singer/Songwriter) and a large number of improvisational jazz ensembles. I also continue to be a part of the SMC Liturgical Choir as directed by Jerome Monachino, playing in the SMC Chapel most Sunday mornings and occasional recruitment events at High Schools across the Northeast.

I look back on my time at Saint Michael's College fondly. Without the friends I made on campus and the teachers that opened (or closed) doors for me I would not be settled into the life I have today. Without the direct guidance of the faculty in the Music Department, my life would have turned in different directions. I met my wife at St. Mike’s, I met my brothers in Japhy Ryder at St. Mike’s, I learned who I was at St. Mike’s; I owe St. Mike’s a debt I can never repay.

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