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Andrew Parise '09

Executive Marketing Assistant, Seventh Generation

I traveled around a bit after graduating, but it didn't take long for me to make my way back to VT. Before returning, and taking a position as Executive Marketing Assistant at Burlington's own Seventh Generation, I lived for three years in Washington DC working for Senator Leahy.

It didn't take long for me to find and join a great chorus in the District called the Metropolitan Singers. It was fun. I was the youngest member by something like 30 years, but it was great doing some expansive works, like Verdi's Requiem, with a huge chorus again.

Since returning to VT, I've performed in Lyric Theater's production of Rent and intend to continue doing amateur theater and singing as often as possible.

My St. Mike's education taught me to be well rounded and I've certainly maintained that mentality trying out both politics and now business having majored in Journalism and, of course, Music. Through all of that, however, my education in McCarthy instilled in me that no matter what you're involved with - work, school, fitness, more work - there's always time for music

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