Alumni Profile

Christen Perreault '11

Development Office Support Staff, Harvard University

I'm at the University Development office at Harvard University where I support the Assistant VP.  We work with initiatives that Harvard wants to have an impact on.

I got my job through the Saint Michael's network. One alumnus I knew talked to another graduate working at Harvard, who got me in touch with the right people. In my office alone there are six Saint Michael's graduates.

At St. Mike's I became a strong and well-rounded person so that when I entered the work-force, I had technical skills I needed, but more importantly, I'd acquired enough perspective and breadth that I knew how to work with upper-level management.

My advice to current students is to take the time you have with professors and really value it. Karen Popovich, my business professor, is still a mentor. And I just had lunch with another former business professor who was here in Boston.

I think while you're immersed in liberal arts at St. Mike's, you don't necessarily see the impact they're going to have on your life. Looking back, I value what I learned in all my courses. That was a reason I chose Saint Michael's - because I wanted to leave well-rounded.

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