Alumni Profile

Lauren Remmes-Delaney '07

Supervising Business Analyst, Liberty Mutual Insurance

What do you appreciate most about Saint Michael's?

The people I met and the opportunities the school game me. I still feel so connected to the school, even years later. I have so many memories. I'm grateful for the opportunities and the experiences the school offers; I truly believe it helped shape me to be the person that I am today. I also love feeling so connected to the people (still) and making new St. Mike's connections through my involvement with the Alumni and Parent Relations office and the office of Career Development.

What are you doing now?

Today I work for Liberty Mutual Insurance within our Personal Insurance Distribution Operations group. I manage a small team that develops and builds marketing campaigns and leads for our sales team.

How has your time at Saint Michael's applied to your professional life?

Networking and relationship building are a huge part of my job today. My team needs to collaborate with various groups and business units at my company. I'm constantly connecting people at work to get the job done. It's important to network and build relationships in the "real world". You want people to trust you and gain your respect.

What do you like about St. Mike's location? Have you returned to campus recently?

I've returned to campus at least once a year since I graduated. I miss the location between the mountains and Lake Champlain. I definitely wish I took more advantage of the Wilderness Program and the outdoor activities; I waited until my senior year to really partake. But, as a result of the location of the school, I've learned to enjoy the outdoors more.

What was your favorite professor or class at Saint Michael's?

There are too many memorable professors to name just one. I truly loved all of my professors within the Mathematics and Economics departments, but also in the liberal arts programs. If I had to chose one, though, it would be George Ashline. He is probably the most dedicated professor that I know. His classes were challenging, but never boring. He put the effort in to ensure that I understood the material and stayed on track to be successful.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

I would tell new students to be open to meeting new people, embarking on new experiences, and getting outside of your comfort zone. College is a time to learn about yourself and grow as a person. Take full advantage of what the school has to offer and you won't regret it; it will help you to be successful after you leave.

What would you like fellow alums to know?

A fun fact about me is that I'm a runner, when I am motivated. I take my passion of exercise and my passion to help non-profits (thanks to SMC) and run to raise money for charities. I've run the Boston Marathon three times and have raised over $25,000 for a couple of different charities.


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