Alumni Profile

Anna Scotto

Case Manager at a mental health center

Anna Scotto ’13 lives in Missoula, Montana where, after spending a year working with Jesuit Volunteer Corps, she began working as an adult Case Manager at a Mental Health Center. Last year she began working on a Masters of Social Work.

“I am still in Montana currently going to the University of Montana and am working in the County Jail for my practicum. I am doing mostly mental health work there one on one but just attended a meeting regarding jail diversion. Currently, four major county jails are trying to coordinate and better advocate to divert inmates that would be better served at the state hospital or a crisis facility and then linked to mental health services. It is an exciting time to be involved as the mental health programs are working hard to educate the public on better treatment within the jail and in the community. . .  I do miss sociology and the theories! I feel very prepared for all my courses from all the reading and writing I had to do in undergrad so thank you!”

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