Alumni Profile

Daniel Sherlock

Retired Commander, 832nd Air Division

What do you appreciate most about Saint Michael's?

The opportunity to learn while associating with other Catholic classmates and dedicated professors. The friendships I developed at Saint Michael's have lasted a lifetime.

What are you doing now?

After my 30+ years in the Air Force, I'm retired and enjoying the friendships I developed when I was at St. Mike's.

How did Saint Michael's prepare you for your professional life?

Specific knowledge is useful, but the more important aspects are the relationships I built there that are based on trust, honesty and integrity.

What did you like about St. Mike's location?

The blowing snow was a factor when it came to studying; it kept you inside during the week!

What was your favorite professor or class at Saint Michael's?

Mr. Joe Powers was a great sociology professor who was devoted to his students, just like so many of the other professors at Saint Michael's. And, Dr. Durick was a master!

What's your advice to new students?

Stick with it!

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