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Megan Smith '04

Interactive Account Executive, CCT Advertising

For the past two years I've been working in advertising in Denver and I just started a new position as Interactive Account Executive for CCT Advertising here. There are only 13 of us in our agency, which has been around for about 10 years.

I'm from Bangor, Maine. A high school friend was applying to SMC so I checked it out and the lifestyle in Vermont was the best fit for me among the places I considered. When I first got to St. Mike's I thought I might do English and education, but I was always in the journalism building and realized I loved media and everything related to marketing and advertising, so it was an easy transition for me. Soon I started discovering where my real interests were, gravitating toward photography more than writing.

The way I came to create my own major was that I talked with my professors and advisers about what I really liked, and ended up having to do a lot of legwork, write up a proposal showing I'd still cover the  journalism requirements adequately. I worked extensively with Professors Kimberly Sultze and Jon Hyde, went to photo school for a semester, took lots of Kimberly's classes and made a niche for myself on the photo side of things.

Burlington and mountains were a perfect location. I loved being on the lake, near the mountains. It's a great little downtown area with great restaurants and a good college vibe with so many other college-aged people.

It was great to feel I knew my favorite professor, Kimberly Sultze, on a deep connecting level. We'd have great conversations and I could always go into her office. She was great at challenging me and making me think in different ways. I also loved Jon Hyde's Web Development and Design class and Richard Kujawa for geography.

To current students I'd say, don't hold back! Get involved in as many things as you can. St. Mike's offers something for everyone - a religious side, outdoors, volunteer work. You’ll meet people there who will be in your life forever. I try to donate regularly, even if just $50 a year, because financial aid was big part of my education; to support grants or scholarships is huge to me, since maybe I can help someone in the way others helped me.

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