Student Profile

Emma Stenberg '10

High School English Teacher

What are you doing now?

I teach high school English at an independent school in Providence, RI.

How have you applied your experiences at Saint Michael’s to your professional life?

I'm fortunate to have had such skilled professors and staff to emulate in my teaching -- their tactics, their inclusion. In this way, St. Mike's directly informs what I'm doing.

What was your favorite professor or class?

I had an excellent experience across the board, particularly in the English and Education departments, but Carey Kaplan's and Mary Beth Doyle's classes stand out as the most formative and enjoyable. I play the occasional game of Balderdash with my students and cite Carey as the inspiration for that. (She left me with less frivolous techniques and material, too!)

Do you visit Saint Michael’s now as an alumna?

I return to St. Mike's as often as I can, most recently for my class Reunion. Its proximity to Burlington; beautiful campus; and identity as a forward-thinking, Vermont institution are all important to its unique footprint.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

Even if it takes a little while, this place will end up feeling like home. Take advantage of opportunities unique to the location and the community -- study abroad, attend lectures and workshops, and serve with MOVE programs. You won't regret really immersing yourself in the school's culture.

What would you like fellow alumni to know?

I so appreciate the network of St. Mike's alumni; I often hear of classmates landing career opportunities because of the college connection, which is no small thing.

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