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Lucia Suarez Sang '10

Reporter, Rutland Herald

What did you appreciate most about your Saint Michael's College experience?

The thing that I loved about St. Mikes was that a door was always open. Whether I need to talk to someone about academics or my personal life, someone was always willing to listen without judgment and over their advice. Being from a Caribbean country and being away from home for so long was never easy - the cold probably being the hardest part. But I could always speak to someone, be it my friends or a staff/faculty member. I felt that I had someone on my side - which I don't think happens everywhere.

What are you doing now?

I am currently a reporter for the Rutland Herald, the second largest newspaper in Vermont.

How do you apply what you learned at Saint Michael's College to your professional life?

Everything I learned in Bergeron I have put to good use as a reporter. My professors in the small building prepared me well to handle what my job throws at me daily.

What did you like about Saint Michael's location? Have you returned to campus?

My favorite part of St. Mike's is the campus. It's what I pictured when I thought about going to college. I would have loved a couple palm trees here and there, but it's Vermont - and I love it. After I graduated I have returned to campus several times. Each time it feels a little nostalgic but it always feels like I am coming home.

Who was your most memorable professor, or what was your favorite class?

This is a hard question to answer because each professor and class holds a significant accomplishment or experience that makes it all part of the experience. One highlight was Mike Bosia's Food and Politics class my first year. Part of the class was touring several farms and co-ops near his home in Hardwick.

What advice would you give new Saint Michael's students?

Take the experience by the horns and run with it. St. Mike's offers you so much and helps you become the person you want to me. Pick something you are passionate about and go with it, and if it's not available, then start it yourself. There is always someone willing to help and talk. Oh and bundle up porque hace frio.

What would you like fellow alumns to know about you?

We are always connected y me encanta.

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