Faculty Profile

Amir Barghi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Ph.D. Dartmouth College
M.A. Dartmouth College
M.S. Rochester Institute of Technology
B.S. University of Tehran

Areas of Expertise and Interest:

Algebraic and probabilistic graph theory; statistics and data science; enumerative combinatorics; stochastic processes. 

Courses I Teach:

  • Elementary Statistics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Calculus I, II & III,
  • Linear Algebra
  • Introduction to Mathematical Proofs
  • Abstract Algebra I 
"My first close encounter with liberal arts education, the very style of education I was yearning for as an undergraduate, was during my graduate studies at Dartmouth College, first as a teaching assistant and then as a graduate instructor. What has drawn me to a liberal arts setting is a diverse curriculum where students not only explore a variety of areas in their major fields of study, but also are provided with an ample opportunity to broaden their horizons and learn about other areas of human knowledge and intellectual pursuit. This creates a space where students make powerful connections across disciplines and see the world around them from a multi-faceted perspective. Ever since my first encounter, I knew I wanted to pursue an academic career at a liberal arts college, and now that I have joined Saint Michael's College, I look forward to future conversations with students and colleagues, discussing topics from a broad range of intellectual pursuits---one of the things that I cherish the most about being at a liberal arts college."

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