Faculty Profile

Krisan Geary, MS

Mathematics and Statistics Instructor/Quantitative Skills Coordinator

B.A, M.S. University of Vermont

Areas of Expertise:

Mathematics education and mathematics pedagogy; mathematical preparation of in-service and pre-service teachers; abstract algebra.

My Road to Saint Michael's:

I recently joined Saint Michael’s College from the University of Vermont where I worked on reviewing, revising, and increasing the rigor in the mathematics courses for early, elementary, and middle level education majors.  I also worked on a department-wide study of the effectiveness of online homework systems in elements/ fundamentals of calculus courses.  Prior to UVM, while working for the Vermont Mathematics Partnership, I led a team of mathematics educators and mathematicians in the design, development, and instruction of a professional development program for 5th-9th grade in-service mathematics teachers.  The courses in this program included: Proportional Reasoning in the Middle Grades, Geometry in the Middle Grades, Making Informed Decisions, and Modeling Change.

I began my undergraduate career as a biology major, before realizing that I was not cut out for laboratory work (the odd unidentifiable smell, the lack of human interaction, and a strong fear of Bunsen burners all contributed to my downfall in the lab). I became a mathematics major with every intention of eventually becoming a teacher of mathematics.  I am passionate about teaching mathematics and helping all students succeed in mathematics. I am a true “mathophile” but my real love is in helping students who have struggled with mathematics in the past realize that they can do high-level mathematics. Prior to coming to Saint Michael’s in 2011, I taught at the University of Vermont for four years.

Life Off Campus:

I grew up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and love to visit my family there on a regular basis.  I enjoy traveling (I’ve been to over 49 countries), hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.  Most of all, however, I enjoy playing with my two young children (born in 2007 and 2010). 

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