Faculty Profile

Molly Millwood, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

M.A., Ph.D., University of Montana
B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz
Postdoctoral fellowship, Stanford University Medical Center
Predoctoral internship, San Francisco VA Medical Center 

Areas of Expertise:

As a clinical psychologist, I have expertise in the origins, manifestations, and treatments of psychological distress in human beings.  My particular focus has been in the area of intimate relationships and the ways in which we encounter challenges and struggles as we navigate the rich interpersonal territory of marriage and parenthood.

Courses I Teach:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Advanced Topics in Psychology: The Psychology of Parenthood
  • Personality Theories
  • Practicum I & II
  • The Psychology of Marriage and Relationships
  • Research Methods II

Research and Scholarly Interests:

Broadly, my research has been in the area of marital and relationship functioning, whith a recent focus on the transition to parenthood (the birth of the first child) and its impact on couples.  I am also interested in psychotherapy process, particularly seeking a deeper understanding of the central role of the therapeutic relationship in engendering change and growth.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

  • Millwood, M. (2011). Empathic Understanding in Couples with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, 10(4).
  • Millwood, M. (2010, August). Cesarean Birth as a Risk Factor for Postpartum Relationship Distress. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, Division 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women), San Diego, CA
  • Millwood, M., and Waltz, J. (2008). Demand-Withdraw Communication in Couples: An Attachment Perspective. Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, 7(4).

Life Off Campus:

In addition to my position as a full-time professor at Saint Michael's College, I have a part-time psychotherapy practice where I see a range of adult clients, with a specialty in couple therapy and post-partum adjustment issues. My hardest, most important, and most rewarding job is as a mother to my two young children, whose boundless energy saps every last bit of mine. When not recovering from the rigor of keeping these two beautiful little creatures happy and safe, I enjoy long walks in our rural mountain town, culinary adventures in the kitchen with my husband (who missed his calling as a chef), reading, cross-country skiing, music, movies, and endeavoring to write books and poetry.

Molly Millwood, on leave for the 2018-2019 academic year from the Saint Michael's psychology faculty), on May 10 was interviewed by Brian Lehrer on the major New York City public radio station WNYC. While Molly does not plan to return full-time to the faculty after her leave, she will continue to teach in the graduate program every fall as an adjunct. Molly also is a licensed psychologist and an accomplished author and musician.  Here is the intro to the piece posted on the WNYC website: "Just ahead of Mother’s Day, Molly Millwood, Ph.D. in clinical psychology on the faculty at Saint Michael's College in Vermont and the author of To Have and to Hold: Motherhood, Marriage, and the Modern Dilemma (Harper Wave, 2019), offers a psychologist's insights into the often unsettling terrain of new motherhood."
(posted June 2019)

Molly Millwood, associate professor of psychology and a licensed psychologist (on leave for the 2018-2019 academic year) has a forthcoming book, To Have and To Hold:  Motherhood, Marriage, and the Modern Dilemma.  It will be released on March 26, 2019 by HarperCollins. Using a blend of personal narrative, scientific research, and stories from her clinical practice, Millwood examines the inextricable link between women’s well-being as new mothers and the well-being of their relationships, according to a description by the publisher. This is from a Publishers Weekly review: “A compassionate book that affirms that emotional difficulties for new mothers are not anomalous but universal and can extend well past the immediate postpartum period, with profound effects on their relationships with their spouses.”
(posted January 2019)

Molly Millwood, associate professor of psychology, is also an accomplished singer-songwriter who earned praise from Seven Days reviewer Amelia Devoid in December for a debut album release. Devoid wrote, “With expertise in trauma and PTSD, as well as marriage and relationships, she is a scholar of human sensitivity. This insight into deep human experience gives her powerful songwriting ability. On her debut album, Home, Millwood crafts folk and country tunes with intense honesty and brave emotional vulnerability. She's going to heal you with her low-key folk songs.
(posted June 2018)

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