Faculty Profile

Valerie Hird, MFA

Lecturer in Art

M.F.A Vermont College of Fine Art
B.F.A Rhode Island School of Design

Areas of Expertise

Visual Language, Drawing, Painting

Courses I Teach


Hird’s work explores cultural mythologies and the roles they play in different societies. The conversations Ms. Hird is interested in having are a result of the years she’s spent moving across cultures and developing a sense of which images can be both local and universal. Hird is particularly interested in how symbolic forms – familiar to all - can be interpreted by viewers in different countries and cultures.

For the past decade, using a range of visual and digital media, Hird has been creating a cosmology celebrating a complex primal world in which human activity – as yet – has no role. The imagery is influenced by the vast panoply of creation stories she has listened to while traveling with indigenous peoples and blended with her own observations and readings about nature’s intricate ecosystems. 
Represented by the Nohra Haime Gallery, 730 Fifth Ave., New York and the McGowan Gallery, Concord, New Hampshire. Recent exhibitions include MASSMoCA, Porsmouth Museum, Tampa Art Museum, DIVA in Paris, American University of Dubai, Global Center For Drawing, Melbourne, Australia and at the American Corner, University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan. 

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