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Admissions Staff

Jacob Joseph '15

Admission Counselor

What do you enjoy most about being an admission counselor?

I love being able to share my experiences with prospective students and families. It's wonderful to be able to connect and interact with families while helping them discover all aspects of St. Mike's. It's so rewarding to see students excited and passionate about attending St. Mike's!

What do you like most about St. Mike's students?

I love how passionate SMC student's are and their desire to share those passions with others. So many St. Mike's students are often involved in so many areas both on and off campus oftentimes in leadership roles. The ways in which students fulfill their goals and support others in theirs is truly inspiring.

Best tip for students coming for a campus visit?

Stop any and every one you see and ask them how their experience at Saint Mike's has been. It's such a genuine and welcoming opportunity to gather opinions from current students, parents, coaches, and faculty. They will all certainly be able to help and provide valuable information, answering your questions, and aiding in your decision!

Favorite thing about Burlington?

I have a weakness for food. Burlington caters to my weakness offering an amazing variety of food establishments. You can often find me at many guilty pleasure spots around Burlington, including numerous deli's, pizza places, diners, etc....

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