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Moise St. Louis

Associate Dean of Students, Director of The Center for Multicultural Affairs and Services

What do like most about working at Saint Michael's? What do you like about the students here?

For me it's the fact that students do not fall through the cracks, that everyone is committed to making sure that students have a wonderful experience and develop as really competent and wholesome human beings.

How would you summarize your St. Mike's experience in one sentence?

My experience here has been one of collegiality and commitment to providing students with the best services. The rest of it is what happens when your goal is to do that.

What's your favorite campus location and why?

Actually my favorite place is my office, here on the second floor of Alliot Student Center, because it's a safe place for students to address any issues or impediments to achieving their goals. People navigate to places that work best for them, and we always have a good number of students hanging out in the Multicultural Affairs Office that I oversee.

Moise St. Louis, associate dean of students and director of multicultural student services, led a MOVE Service Trip to the Dominican Republic with students during spring break, before presenting at two March conferences: He was one of several panelists during two-day conference titled “The Blackboard Jungle Symposium” at the University of Vermont March 22 & 23, 2018. His panel addressed the topic “The University: A Sanctuary or an Arena? Fostering Inclusive and Difficult Conversations.” The symposium is for faculty and staff from UVM and other local and regional colleges, plus all others who are seeking to develop skills, knowledge, and a deeper understanding of diversity that supports excellence in teaching, service, and research. Sessions are dedicated to creating “open spaces” where all members of a community can participate in authentic dialogue, valued reflection, and expanded learning to promote inclusive excellence for all. The title of Moise’s presentation was “Institutional Survival and Demographic Change: The Role and Institutional Impact of Diversity Officers and Educators” Moise also headlined the opening of The 2018 Greater Burlington Annual Diversity Conference at the Hilton Hotel on Saturday, March 24, 2018, as well as joining a panel titled "The Impact of Diversity in the Workplace, in Higher Education, and in the Community." The title of Moise’s presentation was, “The Value of Diversity in the Age of Political Instability and the Reconsolidation of White Supremacy: Can Racial Inclusion, and Cultural Acceptance Move us Toward Political stability and Democratic Pluralism?” Moise also was quoted in a feature appearing in the Burlington weekly Seven Days about a Tibetan man who Moise befriended, admired and helped.
(posted June 2018)

Moise St. Louis, associate dean of students/director of the Center for Multicultural Affairs and Services/ lecturer in both political science/peace & justice, presented on a panel at the Moving Forward Together: Conversations for Community Justice Conference held at Champlain College on Friday, June 2, 2017. Moise also will give the keynote address on “The Cost of Freedom: Haitian Resistance to Foreign domination and the quest for Democratic Self-Determination” on August 23 at the exhibition at Champlain College of Robin Lloyd and Doreen Kraft's work in Haiti, with Haitian artists in the ‘70s -- a day-long program.
(posted June 2017)

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