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Daniel Du Feu '18

How did you hear about Saint Michael’s College?

I suppose I didn’t hear about St. Mike's like most students. Finding St. Mike’s was actually dumb luck, and it couldn’t have worked out any better. A teammate on my high school team (Claudio Wingartz), who is a year younger than me, applied to a bunch of Division II and Division III schools in New England to play soccer. Coach Wade and Carlos Vega (from the Office of Admission) came down to do their recruiting in Miami and Wade went to talk to my high school coach about Claudio. My high school coach happened to be my dad, and when he talked to them my dad thought I should apply. 10 months later and here I am.


What made you want to finish your education at St. Mike’s?

I came up to St. Mike’s to visit in mid-April and fell in love with Burlington and everything St. Mike’s had to offer. Personally, the biggest factor for me was continuing my passion for soccer and getting to play at an elite level, considering that the NE-10 is one of the top Division II conferences for soccer. However, I went to a very small private high school, roughly 400 people, and felt that same sense of community at St. Mike’s that I did at my high school. Walking around the campus on my visit, everyone I passed greeted me and seemed to be genuinely nice; something I don’t think you necessarily get at a large state school. 


Do you have a favorite professor, favorite class?

While I really do like all of my professors, I’d have to say my favorite professor at St. Mike’s is Reza Ramazani. Reza, as we call him, is a professor in the Economics department who specializes in international economics. During my first semester at St. Mike’s I was an International Relations major, and one Macroeconomics class with Reza made me change to a Business and Economics double major.


What’s something you’ve learned that’s been surprising?

Without a doubt, the most surprising thing I’ve learned from being at St. Mike’s is how nice everyone is. Although that may sound corny, when you grow up in one of the biggest cities in America, and then attend one of the largest public universities in the nation, you learn that people are more interested in themselves and don’t seem to have time for anyone else. At St. Mike’s, that’s not the case. From a smile when you walk past someone in the student center, to an offer to help with homework or studying from a classmate, people here genuinely care about the well-being of those around them. I think that is something people notice their first day walking around St. Mike’s.


What do you like to do for fun?

While soccer took up most of my time in the fall semester, I’ve had a little bit more time since returning from break now that I’m not “in-season.” I think a really cool thing about St. Mike’s is the fact that it is almost 100% residential, and all of your friends live within walking distance of you. For fun, I like to hang out with my friends or my team, whether we’re kicking the ball around on the field or in Tarrant, or watching a movie in a friend’s room. Being from Miami, we don’t exactly get a lot of snow, we don’t have any mountains for that matter, and since starting school at St. Mike’s I have become absolutely addicted to skiing. With a $65 season pass, I go to the mountain as much as possible and probably most enjoy spending my free time skiing.


What activities have you gotten involved in since transferring to St. Mike’s?

As I said before, although the winter came a little late this year I’ve spent a lot of time at Smuggler’s Notch. Being only 50 minutes from school, it’s a quick drive for a fun day at the mountain. Soccer has also been the best thing that’s happened to me, and that was the initial reason I decided to attend. I’ve joined the SAAC which is the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and ShredMC, which is the Ski and Snowboard club here at St. Mike’s. SAAC allows student athletes to get together once a month and talk about what we think needs improving and allows us to update each other on fundraising opportunities and cool events coming up like a Special Olympics Clinic or a Think Pink game. ShredMC is a super cool club to be a part of because they offer trips to different mountains and sometimes offer free passes to those mountains for the trip.


What was the transfer application process like?

The transfer process for me was an absolute breeze, and I think that the admissions depart does everything possible to make sure it’s as smooth as possible for transfer students. I worked with Michelle Teagarden and she couldn’t have been more helpful. She answered any and every question I had and was very prompt to answer my emails. I was constantly emailing her to ask if they had received my application or transcript from my previous school and she always made sure she had the time to help me with whatever I needed.


Would you have any advice for a student who is considering transferring to St. Mike’s?

My advice to any student considering transferring to St. Mike’s would be to come and visit. I really don’t think you know what to expect from a school until you can walk around the campus and get a feel for the place, and one visit to St. Mike’s will be all it takes to make you want to be a Purple Knight.

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