Student Profile

Chris Holloway '17

How did you hear about St. Mike's?

I heard about St. Mike's at a college fair. I was looking at all the colleges and Saint Michael's just stood out to me above the rest. There was something that kept pulling me toward it, but before that college fair I had never heard of the school.

Why did you choose Saint Michael's College?

I chose St. Mike's because seemed like they were really at home here. The community was very strong and it didn't feel like I was going off to another place where I wouldn't be comfortable. It really did feel like I belonged here.

How have you made it your ‘Home Away From Home'?

I have some wonderful families here. I have my St. Mike's family, which is essentially everybody here. People are so nice to each other; they smile, they say hello when passing, they hold doors open for each other, even if you haven't seen that person before. Then, I have my drama club family and we're this crazy, goofy group of people that spend far too much time together in the theater, backstage and everywhere in McCarthy doing different things. I have my Mike Check brothers as well, and they're a different type of goofy, but with those three families intermingled, it really does feel like a home.

What kind of contact do you have with Alumni?

I know a few alumni from back home. My Vice Principal's son was my history teacher during sophomore year of high school, and he was a really great guy. I still talk to him once and a while. He knows I am a theater student and he took Costume Crafts with Peter Harrigan. Once in a while he says, “Say hi to Peter for me” and things like that. If I'm wearing a St. Mike's shirt around in my hometown or wherever I am, there's bound to be somebody who went here. It's usually a quick hello or a short chat about how great St. Mike's is because people don't forget.

Do you have plans to give back?

100%. I would love to continue to talk about St. Mike's. I want to become a school counselor for high school, that's my ultimate dream job. I think working at that and making sure that the students I work with know about St. Mike's, that's a little way I can give back. Once I pay off all of my loans, hopefully I'll be able to give a little bit back financially. I think St. Mike's will always be apart of my heart and I'll always want to give back.

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