Student Profile

Jillian Kenny '18

How did you hear about St. Mike's?

My hometown is only fifteen minutes away from the campus, and my Dad has spent a lot of his life at Saint Mike’s, both as a student and working in the athletic department. There’s a joke in my family that I’ve always been a purple knight, even when I didn’t know it.  

Why did you choose Saint Michael's College?

I originally wanted to go out of state for college, but my family kept suggesting that I apply to Saint Mike’s, saying that it was the perfect school for me. Saint Mike’s was the very last school that I toured out of the six that I applied to, and as soon as I stepped on campus it felt like home. This school has such a warm and welcoming feeling, and it’s something that I always wanted in a school and never found until I toured the campus. I could feel the strength and tightness of the community, and I knew that this was the place that I wanted to spend the next four years of my life.

How have you made it your ‘Home Away From Home'?

I honestly didn’t have to do much for Saint Mike’s to become my second home; Saint Mike’s did a lot of the work itself. It has provided me with a family away from my family, and plenty of opportunities in addition to classes for me to get involved with. Everyone gets along so well here, and, as cheesy as it sounds, we really are one big happy family. As a community, we are all super supportive of each other, which provides a comforting feeling that only a home can provide. The people I’ve met here have been some of the kindest, most incredible people, and I’m so lucky that I get to go somewhere where it’s the norm to be kind. 

What kind of contact do you have with Alumni?

My Dad went to school here as well (Class of 1986), so I’ve grown up on the campus and have met plenty of alums. During my college searching process, and even now, I know I can always turn to them and ask them for advice, or even just have a conversation about life. The coolest thing about Saint Mike’s is, despite the changes and additions to campus, the community feeling and the people that are/were SMC students has never changed. 


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