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Martha Phelps

What brought you to St. Mike’s? How did you choose?

My sister actually went here. She graduated last semester, but while she was here, I would come up to visit her all the time. The first time I came, I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to go to school. Then as I got older and started entering the college process, I wasn’t so sure about it because I didn’t want to just be ‘Sarah’s sister’. I started visiting other schools, and I toured a lot of places, but every other school I just compared to St. Mike’s. After a while, I realized I really did just want to be here, and I made my decision.

What’s once incredible memory or experience that you’ve had here so far?

The night after JibFest, the winter festival where everyone goes out and snowboards, was the first night I started hanging out with the people who are now my best friends. After the event, we went over to the view and we were just lying on the grass, looking at the stars and talking to each other. It was kind of the first time I felt like, “this is where I belong, this is perfect, this is where I need to be”. We all look back on that night now that we’ve become so close.

What clubs or activities are you involved with on campus, or hoping to get involved with?

I’m a huge member of MOVE. I participate in the family friends program, which is where we go to a shelter downtown and just kind of hang out with the kids and babysit to give the parents a break for an hour. It’s really fun, they’re wicked great kids! It’s a really good opportunity to kind of step outside our bubble as well. We’re so privileged and wealthy at St. Mike’s, but right down the street are kids who get so excited when we bring nice new crayons, because they’ve never had those before. I also do Active Minds, and I’m really trying to get more involved with Random Acts of Kindness. I was in Acabellas last semester, and next semester I want to get into Sleepless Knights.

What has been your favorite class so far?

I’m in General Psychology 101 now, and it’s such a cool class! Everyone tells you that you’ll know when you find what you want to major in, and you’ll be really passionate about it, and it’s definitely psychology for me. I get really excited about it, because I understand it. School hasn’t always been my thing but psychology is totally fascinating to me. I love that class.

What about a favorite professor?      

Right now, that would have to be my Psychology professor, Ari Kirschenbaum. He’s really cool, and he’s a psychologist himself. He studies drugs and behavior, and so he has so much knowledge to pass on to us, and it makes the class so interesting. He’s an awesome professor.

Has your experience at St. Mike’s been different than what you were expecting?

Yeah, I had a pretty tough time transitioning into college. The first three weeks were really hard for me. I wasn’t used to not having an automatic friend group because my middle school and high school were combined, so I’d had the same friend group for like 6 years and I didn’t really remember how to make friends. Being away from my family was really hard as well, because we’re really close, and for the first three weeks I would call my mom every day. Then I don’t even know what happened, but it just kind of clicked for me. I just realized, “I’m fine, I’m in college, this is going to happen”, and I started making more friends. In the beginning of the semester, I just wanted to go home, but by the end I didn’t want to leave. It was kind of a cool experience for me. Even though it sucked at the time, it opened my eyes.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I hang out with my friends a lot. We do homework together. Even if we’re all slammed with work, being together is kind of how we destress. Aliot-sitting is one of our favorite things to do as well. Our dinners will last an hour and a half, because we just sit there and talk, and then different groups of people come in and you get to see everybody.

Do you intend to study abroad?

I do, I hope to go to Australia my junior year. All my life, I’ve wanted to study in Australia, so I’ve already been doing some research.

Where is your favorite place on campus to hang out?

Besides Aliot, we love going to the view. A couple times I’ve woken up really early and gone to the view to watch to the sunrise, and then I’ll grab coffee before class. It’s a little bit separate from campus, so you kind of feel like you’re off campus, which is nice.

Do you feel St. Mike’s has become your home away from home? If so, how did it become that for you?

Yeah, definitely. People say this all the time, but I think the community really makes you feel at home. Once I started putting myself out there, hanging out in the MOVE office to do homework, I realized that all you have to do is put yourself out there and other people would be so accepting of you. I started meeting a ton of people and all the sudden this really scary place become not scary at all. Everywhere I walk, I see at least a familiar face, and that definitely makes it feel like home.

What would you say to prospective students about the college process, especially those looking into St. Mike’s?

I would say definitely visit if you can. If you walk around a little bit after your tour and just talk to students, I think that’s when you get the most genuine answers. I did that at a couple schools, and I definitely got that feeling like people who come here love it here.

What do you want to say about the community here, or to your fellow St. Mike’s students?

I mean, it’s awesome here. It’s amazing. People are so accepting. A lot of things happened last semester that tore us apart a little bit, but we still came together. When things happen that aren’t right, people jump up to fix it and to make sure everyone is included. I think that’s one of the best things about St. Mike’s, that everybody is important. You’re not going to fly under the radar, people notice you. It’s really an amazing place to be.

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