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Maxwell Allen

What brought you to St. Mike’s? How did you choose?

I actually transferred here from the University of New Hampshire. I just wanted a smaller community. My twin brother actually goes here, so he got me looking at St. Mike’s. I’m also on the tennis team, so that was a big part of my decision.

Why did you decide to transfer?

I really hated going to class with 200 people. I was in a lot of big lectures with other pre-med students, and I just didn’t really have the learning experience that I wanted. At St. Mike’s, you get to know your teachers and your classmates and really interact with people.

What’s one incredible memory or experience that you’ve had here so far?

I think just being a part of a community like this in general is pretty incredible. Being a transfer was kind of scary because I didn’t really know what to expect, but everyone’s been very welcoming and it’s really nice.

What clubs or activities are you involved with on campus, or hoping to get involved with?

Besides the tennis team, I’m not in any clubs right now, but I’m definitely looking at getting into the Adventure Sports Center. It’s hard to get involved with clubs right now with tennis and studying on my plate, but I definitely want to get involved with that.

Have you had a favorite class?

I’m in Population and Evolutionary Genetics with Professor Dagan Loisel right now, and that’s definitely my favorite class. It’s very interesting; you get both the molecular side and the population side.

What about a favorite Professor?

Probably Professor Loisel, and also Professor Liz Innis-Brown. I had her for my freshman year seminar. She allows you to be who you want to be, and write the way you want, and will kind of change her way of teaching to fit your style of writing. You can really become yourself in her class.

Has your experience at St. Mike’s been different at all than what you were expecting?

Definitely. I was worried it might be a little too small. I was looking at other schools that had totals of around 5,000 students, but it’s definitely better than what I was expecting here. Everyone’s really welcoming, and you get to know everyone, and it’s really special. Coming from a big school, you don’t really know anyone or see familiar faces just walking around campus, so it’s very close knit to me here.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I study, watch movies, go to the gym, or spend time with friends. I go ice skating a lot down the street, as well.

Do you intend to study abroad?

I have been thinking about it. I’m thinking about going to Paris my senior year. It’s just a matter of whether it will fit in with my schedule and classes I still have to take, since I transferred here. But I definitely hope to be able to do that.

What’s it like being a part a team at St. Mike’s? How do you balance academics and athletics?

I like being on a team. I wasn’t on a team at UNH, and I definitely missed it. You get a really close group of friends out of it who will always be there for you, at practice or just hanging out in the dorms. Balancing athletics and academics can be challenging, especially when we have games on the weekends, but you just have to put academics first and make sure you get all your work done before practice or before hanging out with friends.

Why did you choose to major in Biology?

Biology is a field that is constantly changing. It’s so broad that you can basically do whatever you want within it. I’ve definitely narrowed it down to more genetics and molecular biology. I just like that it’s always changing, and there’s so much room for growth.

Where is your favorite place on campus to hang out?

Definitely Dion, third floor. It’s quite up there, but you can also go down to the second floor and listen to music on the radio. It’s a fun place to be when studying.

Do you feel St. Mike’s has become your home away from home, and if so how did it become that for you?

It definitely has, and having my twin brother here has definitely contributed to that. I wasn’t too sure about coming five hours away from my hometown, but it’s just a small community and you get to know everyone and you just feel welcome all the time.

What was the transition to St. Mike’s like for you?

It was pretty easy. Classes and tests and such have been a lot different, but it went pretty smooth.

What would you say to prospective students about the college process in general, especially those who are considering St. Mike’s?

I think it’s definitely a special school, and you can definitely find your place here. There are lots of different groups of people, and you can explore and you’ll definitely find the group you’re supposed to be with.

What do you want to say about the community here, or to your fellow St. Mike’s students?

Thanks for being so welcoming. The community is really amazing. Athletes can be friends with people who study all the time, and they can also be friends with other athletes, and no one is going to judge them for that. You can really be whoever you want to be here.

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