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Maeve Power '17

How did you hear about St. Mike's?

Actually my health teacher in high school went to St. Mike's and she just mentioned it in passing when I was a junior. Then, I received the book award when I was a senior and I decided to come to visit. I had a coffee date with Aislinn Doyle from the Career Development office, who is wonderful… I just really loved St. Mike's the first time I visited here. It was actually a really gloomy day and when we left I was like, "that place was wonderful!" The rest is history, it just kind of all fell into place.

Why did you choose Saint Michael's College?

It came down between this and another school, a bigger school that was more diverse and had a large campus, but I decided that – I had never really been to Vermont before and I didn't really know anything about Vermont. It was kind of toss up, but I just felt when I came on campus, it's such a common thing people say, but you just get this friendly vibe when you're on campus and people are just so chatty and nice. Another huge thing for me was the MOVE office because service is a really important thing to me. I just thought it was so awesome how easy it is, you just go sign up and then you show up and you can go and do some service in the community. I really love that. Just in general, the people are why I chose St. Mike’s and there's just so much to get involved with at St. Mike's. When I came here I was like, "I'm going to do the wilderness program every weekend!" it hasn't quite happened like that, but the option is there.

How have you made it your 'Home Away From Home'?

I think what makes St. Mike's special comes down to the individual people. By surrounding myself with people, who I felt comfortable being myself with, I always feel like I'm at home here; that’s because of the people that I'm around. The community and the activities are great, and everything that you can get involved with, but at the end of the day it's just the people that you have. I've always felt that, even my friends came to visit for my birthday and I just remember one of them saying, "I just feel like I can be myself here, it's like a really weird feeling. I don't know any of these people, but I just feel like I can be myself." And I was like, "exactly! You got it!" That's what I think makes St. Mike's a home away from home for really everybody; it's the people that you surround yourself by. There are always people willing to reach out and help you, everybody just wants to be friends and share the love that they have for St. Mike's.

What kind of contact do you have with Alumni?

Two of my best friends from last year where seniors who graduated, they are alumni I have contact with. Other contacts, just in general it’s meeting St. Mike's alumni. I was at Smuggs the other day and we were talking to some guy who was grilling in the back of his car. He asked us what school we went to and we were like "St. Mike's", he was Class of ‘91! It's just such a funny thing when you meet alumni because everyone's just so willing to talk about St. Mike's. My health teacher is also an alumni contact. She was a huge proponent of me coming to St. Mike's. I think it's more when your friends start graduating, which is happening more and more.

Follow up Question: Was your health teacher the one that told you about St. Mike's?

Yea. Actually, a friend of mine was a senior and she was looking into schools. She had applied to St. Mike's and my health teacher was like "you gotta go to St. Mike's! Have you visited? It's the greatest place ever!" I just remember her talking about it and was like, "wow, she's very enthusiastic about St. Mike's." But I hadn't thought about it since then, and then I received the book award. When I received it, it was at this presentation, and then I started getting things from St. Mike's. But I talk to my health teacher all the time about it and she's so excited every time I come back; I can just see it on her face, I can tell that she wishes she was back.

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